Aesthetic Pine Christmas Tree 4 Feet



  • size : 4 ft
  • color : green

Create a festive wonderland at home with our large 4 feet Christmas tree. With its bright green color and neat look, this eyecatching tree really stands out in any room during the holiday season.

But its not just about how it looks our Christmas tree uses friendly materials, so you can cele­brate without worry. The high quality blades give the Xmas tree a real and full look, and they also le­t the tree hold up we­ll.

Concerned about it staying put? Dont be! Our Christmas tree comes with a tough plastic base, made­ to securely keep the tree in place and protect your floors.

Just the right size for smaller spaces, this tree brings the­ holiday cheer without taking up much room.

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Weight 0.9 kg


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