18 Inch Silver Plated Sprinkler

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  • Silver plated
  • size : 18 inch
  • Detachable
  • unique sprinkler, rare collectible item in nice decorative shape.
  • It is used to spray holy water on the some special occasions like in worship function etc.
  • The neck of sprinkler can be unscrewed for filling the bottle with holy water this beautiful exotic bottle with tiny holes for dispensing the holy water.
  • Looking for a high-quality Church Holy Water Sprinkler to enhance your religious ceremonies.  Our collection of Holy Water Sprinklers is designed to offer superior build quality, lasting durability
  • Providing a sophisticated and elegant look to your ceremonies. Each Holy Water Sprinkler is designed with heavy-duty parts, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • Our collection features a variety of sizes and designs, including simple and elegant options as well as ornate and decorative pieces. Whether you’re looking for a smooth and shiny Holy Water Sprinkler, we offer you  a various  options to choose from.
  • The Holy Water Sprinkler is an essential tool used in various religious traditions to sprinkle holy water during ceremonies.
  • Discover the significance of the Holy Water Sprinkler in your religious ceremonies and elevate your spiritual experience today

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